Best Practices  — March 1, 2021

TL/DR: We've added best practices from top recruiters and coaches to help you tell your career story and craft amazing resumes and cover letters.

Wait, but why? Building a resume and cover letter requires you to reflect on your accomplishments and craft your unique career story. We heard from our users that it was hard to know where to start or whether they were doing it correctly. So, we chatted with our network of top recruiters and coaches to bring you the best practices or tips and tricks to stand out and know if you're on the right track.

  • Tips and tricks from top coaches and recruiters, integrated directly into Savviest.
  • Streamlined process for thinking through and aggregating all of your professional experiences into Building Blocks.
  • Intuitive skills and achievements building blocks section.
  • Redesigned cover letter paragraph creation experience.

TL/DR: New UI and onboarding experience 🔥

Wait, but why? Our goal with this release was to make Savviest more intuitive to the user, especially when they are new to the platform. To do that, we've entirely rethought the user onboarding experience and app navigation. Here are some of the highlights from this release.

  • New side navigation to make it easier to track your job search, manage your resume and cover letter building blocks, etc.
  • Onboarding checklist for new users.
  • A quick add + button on the top of the screen to quickly track jobs or add accomplishments from anywhere in the app.
  • Cover letters and resumes now live in the Documents folder.

Resume importer  - Jan 10, 2021

TL/DR: Resume importer available for new users 🎉

Wait, but why? Many of our users have an existing resume or LinkedIn profile that they would like to import into the platform. We heard you and we developed a world class resume importer to make the onboarding process much quicker for new users. Now you can get to the value of using Savviest even faster!

  • Savviest users can now import their resume to the app at sign-up
  • We parse your data and put it into building blocks that can be used for new resumes.
  • Be on the lookout for our upcoming release which allows existing to import a resume to their profile.  

Resume  Feedback - Dec 10, 2020

TL/DR: Easily request feedback from your network on every resume 🙌

Wait, but why? One of the number one requests we've received from the savviest community is the ability to easily request feedback on a resume. We took that to heart and built out a very intuitive resume feedback system. Now you can request feedback for each resume and cover letter you build, from the people who you trust most!

  • Easily send your resume to a friend, mentor, family member, or career coach to get their comments on what you've created.
  • It's like Google Docs for your resume
  • By leveraging your community, you can be a much more effective job seeker!  

Job Tracker - August 6, 2020

TL/DR: Easily track and manage your entire job search from Savviest 🙌

Wait, but why? Many people submit 100+ applications during their job search. We wanted to make any easy way to track each of these applications and link a tailored resume and cover letter for each one. In doing so we can keep your job search more organized and make you more successful because your applications are tailored.

  • Easily track your jobs directly from Savviest
  • Keep track of each stage of the job search, from applied to hired.
  • Link a tailored resume and cover letter to each job.
  • Find and track jobs using our job search or manually add tracked jobs.

Savvy Auto Search  - Jun 25, 2020

TL/DR: We find the perfect job and creates tailored resumes for every one ✅

Wait, but why? We recognize the job search process can be very challenging. Managing the process on your own is daunting. The good news is we have your back to make it easier. Savviest can now automatically find jobs that fit your background and interests, are within your desired commute, and which we determine you have the best chance of landing.

  • Tell us about your interests, commute preferences, and let Savviest do the rest.
  • Savviest builds a new resume and cover letter for each job and send you an email in the morning.  
  • You get to sit back and relax. 🛀🍹
  • Renamed as Savvy Career Agent as of February 1, 2021,

Modern UI redesign - April 15, 2020

TL/DR: We've updated Savviest with a c ylean, modern, intuitive UI 🚀

Wait, but why? As a result of feedback from our beta tester program we've updated the app with a clean and intuitive UI. We've redesigned savviest from the ground up and we think you'll love the new experience.

  • Fresh, modern user interface with streamlined organization.
  • Redesigned side navigation bar for easy access to job search tools.
  • Easier to find what you need within the app.
  • Take a look at the differences below.