Where Savviest began

When we began working on Savviest, job searching, resume writing, and applying was slow, painful, and scary.

As job seekers, we spent countless hours:

  • Copying and pasting between resumes and cover letters in Word or Google Docs
  • Tweaking the language in each document
  • Sorting through hundreds of jobs that may or may not be good fits
  • Applying into a black box from which we often wouldn’t hear anything back
  • And keeping track of all our applications, resume versions, and interviews.

What made the process even worse was that at every stage it was impossible not to wonder “am I doing a good job? Do my skills and background match the job to which I’m applying? How will my application be assessed by the Application Tracking Systems used by 75% of companies?”

Even with all the other solutions available, none addressed the underlying problems fundamentally enough to make the process better. We decided that the way to start fixing this system was to improving how resumes are written and evaluated from the ground up.

We took on the audacious goal to fix the broken resume. To do so, we asked ourselves:

  • How do we fundamentally improve how resumes are written and evaluated?
  • How do we improve resume writing so that applicants can apply faster and with more confidence?
  • How do we do all of this in the face of all the other resume builders out there?
  • And how do we do it when resumes have been around for decades with little improvement?

Along the way, though, we realized that the solutions we were building for resumes and cover letters applied to other aspects of finding and landing jobs as well.

We realized that Savviest could help job seekers answer all the questions that made the process of finding and landing jobs so painful, not just the ones about resumes.

Where Savviest has come

Savviest has become the best way to go from searching to hired.

Since those early days working to fix resumes, we’ve made some big changes to how Savviest helps you land the job you love.

We applied our AI and natural language tools to help you understand your skill sets and gain a deeper understanding of how to become the best possible applicant.

We expanded our platform to help organize and support your job search process from start to finish, so that you don’t need dozens of different tools to go from searching to interviewing.

We built dedicated tools for students and their career counselors to improve education opportunities and make career services departments more efficient and effective.

A new vision

Our vision for the future we’re building at Savviest has grown as well.

While rethinking the resume is a key component of our vision, democratizing career success and providing the best economic opportunities to everyone -- from managers to interns -- is more fundamental and more important.

Equitable access to career advancement is one of the most effective ways to address many of the underlying issues our communities currently face, and Savviest is the best way for us to give back and make foundational change.

What’s new

As part of that larger vision and as a result of all of the product development, engineering, and research over the last 12 months, we realized that the way we talk about Savviest had become outdated.

Yes, we're still the fastest and most effective way to write resumes, but what we do for job seekers, students, educators, and coaches goes far beyond that.

A new face and brand

Savviest’s landing pages have been completely rebuilt to better reflect all that we can do. You’ll notice a new look as well -- as the leader in this space we wanted our brand to be as impressive and modern as the technology we use.

Savviest's new look – and larger vision.

Find the right job easier

Easily find jobs that are the best suited for you based on your background, work history, and education. In addition to a detailed job score, you can now view commute times for jobs found in the Find Jobs section, whether you drive, bus, bike, or walk.

Get personalized commute times for every job.

Organize your applications

Save each job (or add ones you found elsewhere) to keep track of all your applications and where you are in the process of applying.

Build resumes and cover letters directly from Saved Jobs to automatically link them and to make sure the right documents are going to the right jobs. Then download linked resumes and cover letters as a single file for those applications that need both.

Organize your applications, resumes, and cover letters all in one place.

Write cover letters faster

When talking to job seekers we found out that writing cover letters is one of the most painful parts of the job search process, so we’ve made multiple changes to the cover letter builder to make it easier and more helpful.

You can automatically insert company names and job titles when building cover letters from Saved Jobs. You can set style and address defaults so that every document is perfect right from the start (this is now available in resumes as well). And you can create, edit, and save paragraphs to your account right from the builder. We’ve also added a brand new font that we absolutely love, and which has already shown significant success with recruiters.

Automatically insert company and position titles in your cover letters.

The biggest prize of all: we do it all for you

That’s a lot of new features all at once, especially for a site that was supposed to make this process simpler. Even with all the powerful tools Savviest offers, it can still be hard to find the time (and motivation) to search for jobs.

Luckily, this release has included one of our biggest improvements to the process yet.

Savviest can now automatically find jobs that fit your background and interests, are within your desired commute, and which we determine you have the best chance of landing. It will then build you a custom tailored resume and cover letter for that job and by the time you get an email from us, you’ll be just a few clicks away from applying with a world-class application.

To enable this setting, log in to your account and click on Job Search, and then on Auto Search in the dropdown menu. Follow the prompts to set how often Savviest should automatically find jobs and build resumes, any additional search terms you want us to use when looking for jobs, your commute preference, and max commute times.

Have Savviest automatically find jobs and write resumes and cover letters.

Once you do, you’ll start getting new job suggestions and custom tailored resumes and cover letters in your inbox for positions that not only fit your background, but your goals and commutes as well.

A job found by Savviest based on your background with a written resume and cover letter to boot!

What’s next

We’re happy with our recent progress, but even more excited for what’s to come. Finding the perfect job, writing amazing resumes and cover letters, and applying with confidence doesn’t have to be a hard and stressful process.

Everything we’re building is to make it not only easier and faster for you to find and apply to a great job, but make you the strongest possible candidate every time.

We can’t do it without your help!

The more we know about which parts of the job seeking process you dislike, the more we can make those a thing of the past.

We want to know: What part of finding and applying to jobs is the hardest, most boring, or most stressful?

Let us know your answers in a two minute survey below.