Can you count on one hand how many jobs you have applied for? I can’t.

The year 2020 has so far shown us that the economic landscape is much different than our grandfather’s generation where typically spent their entire careers in one job. My grandfather was a butcher, at the same market, from the time he was a tween to retirement.

The professional reality that I have experienced as a working adult is a completely different landscape. For instance, by the time I was 30 I had already changed careers twice. I've created more resumes than I could even begin to count and have spent an incredible amount of time making each resume and cover letter unique and specific for that position.

When I transitioned from an outdoor education career to a design career I began to spend even more time on each resume and cover letter, sometimes spending up to 6 hours on each to demonstrate my unique qualities in an easy to understand and pleasing manner. Unfortunately, not every position was fruitful, leading me to applying to more jobs and thus crafting more resumes and cover letters.

As Lead Designer at Savviest, I  feel personally invested in the success of making this long, arduous process faster and easier than ever.  With this in mind, I wanted to share 3 ways that Savviest helps you succeed.

1. Create Custom Tailored Resumes & Cover Letters

It's estimated that, on average, every open position receives 250 job applications. Only 2% of those job applications receive an interview, and only 1 person gets the job. Given the massive amount of people applying for jobs, employers now expect that you create a custom resume and cover letter for every position.

But it can be daunting to create a new resume for each job you apply to. It takes time and it can be hard to understand how to tailor the resume to the job description.

At Savviest we help solve this problem by allowing you to easily build a successful resume and  store all the data conveniently and securely within Savviest. When you’ve found a new position you’d like to apply for, simply click the “Create Resume” button and let Savviest’s AI tools build and optimize a new resume for you.

Once created, you can fine tune this new resume using our professional templates, quick organization tools, and editing options. We even score your resume for you to help you improve your resume without the assistance of a professional writer, guidance counselor, or a peer reviewer.

2.  Share dynamic, interactive resumes

Now that you’ve built a new resume using Savviest’s AI tools and are ready to apply, impress the hiring manager by sending a personalized resume link through Savviest.

Allow anyone with the link to comment, download, and share with others. Anytime someone comments on your resume instantly get an email so that you stay up to speed on your job applications.

Share your dynamic resume through Savviest and see what opportunities arise.

3. Easily find jobs

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced long work commutes. According to the US Census, Americans spend on average 25.5 minutes commuting each way.

I want to live close to where I work, and knowing the location and commute time to a particular position before applying is hugely important in my job search process.

With Savviest’s Job Search feature, you can access the largest job catalog on the internet. You can specify your industry, location, and commute time requirements to meet your needs, and view thousands of open positions perfect for you — you can also set your preferred job type and experience level preferences.

When you’ve found a position you are interested in, simply save it for later or automatically create a new resume right away to apply. You can then navigate to the Job Search section and explore the vast opportunities to get started.

Making it easier

Fundamentally we believe in making the process of applying to jobs easier. I hope the three tips above will help reduce the time you spend looking for and applying to jobs and make you a more successful candidate.

I want to mention that we are giving away Savviest Pro for free for 6 months to support people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. No payment method is required - we are simply trying to help as many people as possible!

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